Every Customer Journey Starts with Why

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It starts with a click, call, text, form. When they land on your page, website, app, social media platform it's the first time a new potential customer is communicating (or try to communicate) directly with your brand. How did they find you and why are they contacting you?
To ask any easy question?
Try to make contact because they can find the answer to their question?
Looking for a reservation ?
Why Are They Visiting Your Brand?

It typically begins with a google search. "Bathroom remodel","22153". Any search. Any zip code. They are looking for more information.

How Are They Communicating With Your Brand?

A potential new customer just clicked on your SEO link. Or they clicked on the SEM link you paid an advertising firm to manage for you. Or maybe it was your free Google Place where they can now can click to call you but it brings up their phone to make a call. It's 2020, why are people calling? Remember the phone? Society thought the youth of today was done making calls but they are actually making a comeback due to the new normal.

Why Are They Visiting Your Brand?

We help complete the advertising loop, the black hole of adverting for businesses, brands and CPG products by identifying the customers that actually walk into the brick and mortar store to buy their products or services based on their actual advertising decisions.