Why do professionals in home services enable their landlines to receive text messages from their customers?

Customers texting directly from their mobile devices to your landline allows a home services business to get a handle on sales and customer service inquiries capturing valuable data.

  • Send a simple text message letting a customer know it's time for a return visit.

  • They can reply directly from their text messaging app to schedule an appointment and ask further questions. You can set up an auto reply to automatically send a messages to customers after a certain period of time.

  • Collaborate with coworkers

  • Keep in contact with coworkers to ensure all details and customers are taken care of.

  • Check with technicians about current and previous jobs with a quick message.

  • Customer acquisition

  • Continue advertising with your current number, with the bonus of receiving and sending text messages. Text messages can be sent to new, potential, and returning customers.

  • Increase efficiency by sending messages to multiple customers, even all your customers, at once. 

  • Add quote from pest control technician

  • First time auto-reply

  • Send a welcome message automatically when customers text you for the first time.

  • Off hours auto-reply

  • Let customers know your available hours or when you will get back to them automatically when they text you during off hours.

  • Inactive customer auto-messaging

  • Contact previous customers for feedback and return visits.