Why do professionals in home services enable their landlines to receive text messages from their customers?

Customers texting directly from their mobile devices to your landline allows a home services business to get a handle on sales and customer service inquiries.

Customers can easily coordinate to schedule appointments.
Customers can reach out with questions and concerns that can be quickly answered without waiting on hold

Customers calling from businesses or unrecognized numbers are often not being answered leaving the customer to follow up

67% of people prefer organizing by texting a business to a call or email

Update the communication process with text conversations for customers and employees

Using your existing landline number, you can text customers and other employees. It makes communication and coordination easier and faster.

Speed up scheduling

Handle your scheduling through a few quick text messages. Alert your customers of an upcoming appointment and let them know when a technician is on their way.
Text customers with updates on their appointment, your arrival time, and the latest details of their service. 

Remind customers for service

Send a simple text message letting a customer know it's time for a return visit. They can reply directly from their text messaging app to schedule an appointment and ask further questions. You can set up an auto reply to automatically send a messages to customers after a certain period of time.

Collaborate with coworkers

Keep in contact with coworkers to ensure all details and customers are taken care of. Check with technicians about current and previous jobs with a quick message.

Customer acquisition

Continue advertising with your current number, with the bonus of receiving and sending text messages. Text messages can be sent to new, potential, and returning customers. Increase efficiency by sending messages to multiple customers, even all your customers, at once. 

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First time auto-reply

Send a welcome message automatically when customers text you for the first time.

Off hours auto-reply

Let customers know your available hours or when you will get back to them automatically when they text you during off hours.

Inactive customer auto-messaging

Contact previous customers for feedback and return visits.