Your Smart Number helps businesses communicate with a blend of text and voice enabled products utilizing AI technology providing cost savings, lead generation and data capture.

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Your Smart Number allows customers to contact your business by
Yes, your landline...

Why should your business TEXT enable landlines?

Nearly 400 Billion texts are sent monthly, time to let them text your business!

YSN is Business Landline and Toll-Free Texting (and calling if they want).

For the little guy. For the big guy. For all businesses. We all know, time equals money. With YSN, you'll save your customers time (goodbye annoying phone tree) and save your business time as well. For you, more time to do/make/create what you do, and the same for your customers.

Perhaps the greatest part of YSN? Business texting helps you connect with your customers 100% of the time for Win-Win.

Want to discuss why you should enable your landlines?

If YES schedule a demo and we can help you find your why!


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